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What is pharmacogenomics? Pharmacogenomics is a field of research that studies how your genes responds to medications. It is used to help doctors select the drugs and doses best suited for each individual. 


We partner with pharmacists and providers, to help implement PGX in your service model and provide better value to your patients.

Individualized Plan

We personalize your medication regimen based on your unique genetic makeup

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College Station, TX

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Coaching for Pharmacists

Do you want to start your own pharmacogenomics consulting business from scratch? I will guide you from beginning to end. 

Why People Trust Us

Unmatched Expertise

Precise Result

Qualified Pharmacists

Our Pharmacists are extensively trained in the pharmacogenomics field and have passed a certification program that is approved by ACPE


Simple cheek swab. Done on site at a medical practice or I can send the kit to your home.

Send it to a CLIA-Certified lab for testing and results

Then the report comes to me for review and interpretation of results, I then create/tailor medication action plan based on the results.


Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

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