Pharmacogenomics Testing

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The Testing Process: What to Expect

Texas Pharmacogenomics Consulting assesses your genes to help your clinician make smarter, more personalized treatment decisions. Learn more about our 3-step testing process below and what is included with your $499 pharmacogenomics test. Ready to get started? Make an appointment today!

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Our 3-Step Testing Process

A simple cheek swab is completed on-site at a medical practice. At-home tests are also available.

Your specimen is sent to a CLIA-Certified Lab for processing.

Texas PGx reviews results and creates a personalized medication action plan based on your results.

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What’s Included In Your $499 Pharmacogenomics Test

  • Sample collection and lab testing.

  • Review and interpretation of results.

  • Tailored medication care plan based on your genetic variants, keeping in mind your lifestyle and many other factors that could affect your response to medications.

  • Communication of results with your primary care provider (PCP).

Cost for the pharmacogenomics kit, lab testing, review of results, and action plan is $499. Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.

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