• Pharmacogenomics of Medication-Induced Weight Gain and Antiobesity Medications

    Obesity is a chronic, multifactorial disease associated with a large number of comorbidities. The clinical management of obesity involves a stepwise integrated approach, beginning with behavioral and lifestyle modification, followed by antiobesity medications, endobariatric procedures, and bariatric surgery. Weight gain and subsequent obesity are common side effects of medications, such as prednisone or antipsychotics. In this era of precision [...]

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  • Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotics: Clinical utility and implementation

    Decades of research have produced extensive evidence of the contribution of genetic factors to the efficacy and toxicity of antipsychotics. Numerous genetic variants in genes controlling drug availability or involved in antipsychotic processes have been linked to treatment variability. The complex mechanism of action and multitarget profile of most antipsychotic drugs hinder the identification of pharmacogenetic markers of clinical [...]

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  • Case Studies in Pharmacogenetics

    View Case Studies in Pharmacogenetics

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