Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

Patient-Centered Medication Management

CMM is a patient-centered approach to optimizing medication use and improving patient health outcomes that is delivered by a clinical pharmacist working in collaboration with the patient and other health care providers.

CMM encompasses all of a patient’s medications: prescription and non-prescription, including alternative and traditional therapies as well as vitamins and supplements. Like MTM, CMM results in an accurate medication list prepared by the pharmacist and communicated with the patient and provider. But CMM goes further. It ensures that the entire medication regimen is optimized, taking into account patient-specific issues. CMM ensures, in a comprehensive whole-person approach, that the patient’s medications are safe given the comorbidities and other medications being taken and that the patient can adhere to the prescribed regimen and take the medications as intended.

The process of CMM can be carried out through a face-to-face encounter or via telephone between the patient and their pharmacist. The pharmacist collects patient-specific information to identify medication-related issues and creates a plan to resolve them, alongside the patient and/or prescriber.

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