Grow Your Practice and Lead in Providing PGx to Patient Care

Improving Patient Care

As medication experts in the healthcare spectrum, it only makes sense for pharmacists to take the lead in providing the best information available when prescribing personalized medication while improving the lives of their patients.

Your Status As A Healthcare Provider

For several years physicians and labs have attempted to integrate PGx into practice but met with limited success. When involving and educating the pharmacist in the PGx testing process, then experts can offer prescribers invaluable guidance on how to improve patient care with the results of the testing.

A New Business Model

At Texas Pharmacogenomics Consulting,LLC, we strive to educate and empower pharmacists while elevating them as professionals. Value is placed on their services and making sure they are compensated for them. Our office shows pharmacists how to interpret the genetic results, provide a consultation with the provider and be reimbursed for those services.

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