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Improving Patient Care

Patients will receive a truly personalized medication plan by prescribers when a PGx test and a trained PGx pharmacist are combined together. Through this process, prescribing medications is finished quicker while reducing the adverse effects of drugs.

A Trusted Partner

Physicians gain a trusted partner when it comes to personalized prescribing when they establish relationships with a PGx-trained pharmacist. With a quick consultation, there is an abundance of information available for use when it comes to looking for the best outcomes for patients.

Be The Difference

PGx testing is relatively new to the general population and physicians with a testing protocol are the exception. You can be the difference through your practice when integrating the new and valuable care tool of PGx testing and be at the forefront of science and personalized medication.

Pharmacogenomics Consulting appointments are available for $39/15 minutes. Learn more about our pharmacogenomics consulting for healthcare providers below. Ready to get started? Make an appointment with Texas Pharmacogenomics or contact us.

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