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Reducing the costs while improving the health of the population

Implementing a Program

At Texas Pharmacogenomics Consulting, we are here to help you start your own program where tests can be ordered and the results shared with a team of healthcare providers, where changes can be made.

Real Results

At Texas Pharmacogenomics Consulting we make sure you have access to the best information as part of your patient care. It is important to train and empower pharmacists as a part of the care team and work with prescribers to create personalized medication plans for patients. Reduced adverse drug events, quicker speed in treatment, and a lower overall healthcare cost are effects of personalized prescribing.

Value Add To Your Benefit Program

If you are interested in adding a PGx program to your current benefits package, contact Texas Pharmacogenomics Consulting! We’re happy to talk you through options and how you can provide your team with a personalized medication program.

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